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Abandonned or failed challenges
because of lack of time or laziness


Manga City


AniList profile Themes

You need the automail script for this



Not available to download


Challenge badges & ressources i have made.

Better MDL Project

Better MDL is a project i'm working on to enhance the website. I've been using MDL since the very beginning and it hasn't improved that much over the years. So here I am, trying to make the website more friendly and modern!If you have suggestions, feel free to post them on this post, just keep in mind that I can't access the API as they don't give keys anymore.The themes I use in my previews are available @ MDL Themes
It's not included in this script!


Better MDL is currently a closed beta.
If you'd like to be a beta tester, simply post in my thread.


  1. Your first need to install the Tampermonkey extension for your browser (or your preferred manager)

  2. Click on the better-mdl.user.js link I sent you via DM and click "Install"

  3. Go to MyDramaList settings page to customize the script, just like you would to edit your profile (You need to scroll down to the end of the page to see the Better MDL Settings section)

  4. Try it out and let me know what you think!

How to use / Customize

  • For other website icons not in the settings, the first time you go on a title page, you will get asked if you want to allow a website on a screen like this. Simply allow or forbid the websites you want.

  • The first time you're using the Thumbnail View on a page, it might take a little while to load all the posters, especially if there's a lot of titles or if you have slow internet, just be patient.

  • It might take a little while to show all your Friend ratings, especially if you have many friends or if you have slow internet, just be patient. Also to favorite/unfavorite a friend, just click the heart. It will reflect the change on refresh.

  • For the pie chart "Titles by Country", the colors are the ones you defined in your settings for the status Currently Watching, Planned etc. (might change later)

Known Bugs

  1. [WON'T FIX] Some titles don't have the right result for external searches. Currently there's nothing I can do as MDL don't refer to those external ids anywhere and scraping can only be that accurate. But what you can do is reporting it to me and providing me the right urls for each website. I plan to make a mapping file at some point if you have many titles with this issue.

Includes everything in "Available"Last update: April 03, 2023


Worked on


  • Done for now


  • Done for now

Personal Drama List

  • Poster View

Title pages

  • Hide the right column

People pages

  • Done for now



  1. Back to Top button

  2. Hide comments with defined terms

  3. Option to hide share icons on drama & people


  1. Titles by Country

  2. Option to hide the default MDL stats on profile

Title pages

  1. Links to IMDB/Trakt etc.

  2. Ratings from IMDB/Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic

  3. Link to Anilist for Adaptations

  4. Add a heart to your liked people

  5. Friend ratings & ability to put your favs at the top (suggested by sailingmars)

People pages

  1. 3 Layout Views (Original, Thumbnails & Posters)

  2. Status icons

  3. Show the total for each status on your list

  4. Sorting & Ordering options

  5. Hide completed titles

  6. Collapse the sections


To-do & Suggestions

Click on a status total to only show those titles✔️
Add the top 3 genres on Poster View✔️
Hide cancelled titles✔️
Do all of this for personal dramalist as well
Add emoji in comments
Adapted from Video Game source
More stats on stats page✔️

MyDramaList Themes

Install Stylus [Chrome | Firefox | Opera] first then download the theme you likeLast update: February 23, 2023
Updates are automatically made via Stylus


A theme using the soothing palette Catppuccin5 variations (1 Light Mode & 4 Dark Modes) & offers multiple options for the main color» Directly includes my Modernized Version as an option

Darker Version

I was sick of the default theme and wanted to make a dark version for the night.» Features
Darker theme
Larger container
Animations to dynamise the website
New fonts + custom hashtags view
Articles list: images same size + filters

Community Lists

You must be a VIP to install Community Lists


Better result with my "Darker Version" theme

MDL challenges

I probably won't make new badges as MDL community isn't really into badges. And I also didn't make a template i like.

MyDramaList tags

I'm building this list myself but don't hesitate to share it.
If you want me to add a tag, contact me by DM or use the form

Last update: June 29, 2020













Not active there anymore.
(Just my card collections and what I used to make)

MyAnimeList Themes



Alternative version of the square layout with hahaido's menu. Optimized for 1920x1080 screen resolution.


(private streaming platform)

I offer a way to watch your anime & dramas in the best possible quality with better translations and without ads. (Only Asian content)

What it looks like

For who?

People who dislike streaming websites and don't have time/energy to download everything themselves. It's also for people who want an easy way to watch their anime & dramas from anywhere: TV, PC, Phone, Tablet... Plex has an app on every device available out there.


I have always disliked websites like Kiss*, who steal subs and remove credits from the original subber then encode the stolen subs in a shitty quality on shitty streaming websites with shitty ads. I have always downloaded everything and supported as many translators as possible, on Patreon for instance. I thought it would be useful to create a server since i already do the work anyway, why not share it? It's not a perfect solution for the subbers but I personally think it's a better alternative than streaming websites.

Is it free?

Yes. I used to be the one paying for everything: servers, stockage, usenet, donations to translators etc. But donations are helping me a lot now so they are always welcome! The only thing i ask if you don't want to or can't make a donation is to come on Discord from time to time. That's why i made the rules "Be a minimum active in the community if you decide to stay a Free User". It shouldn't be difficult. If it is, well, my server is probably not for you.

It's also important to make this clear: I do not make profit, every donation is used to pay the server and its additional fees. You also help me support MORE translators/rippers/encoders, so the more I get, the more support I can give to them! It's easy to find proofs on my Patreon page etc. I'm myself a translator & ripper so I know how much time it takes. Maintaining my Plex takes a lot of time as well so I'm only making Spot translations @D-Addicts now.

Current cost: ~$150-160/month

tell me about the server

I can spend hours each day to maintain this server. It's not just about downloading stuff. I organize/rename/translate/manage everything so you can easily enjoy the content. There is new content every single day and seasonal shows are up-to-date. Requests are easy to make via the Discord. We also have a really nice Discord community!


Since spots are limited to 100 users, my invitations are rarely open. I post from time to time in /r/plexshares BUT it's mainly invite only or if you're a MyDramaList or AniList user, you can send me a DM there and if i have a spot available, i'll send you a discord invite.You must be at least 20 years old


Some translations i've done. Now i'm almost only working as a Japanese Spot Translator. You can contact me on D-Addicts if you need one. All my past French translations are available @EBTEAM and @MadCatz. Once i'm done with 3 Nen A Gumi, i won't translate into French anymore. (except if asked)I can translate: 🇯🇵 > 🇫🇷 | 🇯🇵 > 🇺🇸 | 🇺🇸 <> 🇫🇷 | Maybe some 🇹🇭 > 🇺🇸

Kikuchi Fuma - FaKe (Shounen Club)

So here is it~ You have a karaoke with the translation but if you prefer having only the lyrics, go @sexy_zone :)Translation is awful, feel free to report anything to improve it :)

Ikumi - Watashi no 71% (Lyrics)

Translated this when working on Kuttsukiboshi. For some reasons the ending song didn’t have an English translation available. As i’m not a native English speaker, you’re free to point out my mistakes and improve that translation!

Ikumi - Watashi no 71% (Lyrics)

Translated this when working on Kuttsukiboshi. For some reasons the ending song didn’t have an English translation available. As i’m not a native English speaker, you’re free to point out my mistakes and improve that translation!

Spot translations

My Original Characters

Akito Takahashi

I'm your unwavering protector, the one who lingers in the shadows, forever observing, eternally devoted. My existence is solely to adore you, to shield you from the wickedness of the world. My love for you is eternal, a flame that never wanes. You are my everything, my only reason to be.


You're ensnared in a dangerous world, bound by insurmountable debts. Your freedom is being auctioned off to the highest bidder in the underground due to these debts. It is in this perilous situation that your path crosses with Ryūjin, a formidable Yakuza boss, who unexpectedly decides to purchase you, plunging you into his world of shadows and power.

wlw / tsundere

You've stepped into the spotlight, joining the renowned idol group, Infinite Resonance. The stage is ablaze with lights, the crowd a sea of cheering voices. Amidst the symphony of adoration and melodies, a voice stands out, a melody resonates deeper. Meet Sora, your talented and enigmatic teammate. Her voice is a symphony, her presence, a melody in the concert of your life. But her eyes, they sing a different tune, a song of unspoken emotions, a rhythm of concealed affection. Welcome to a world of harmonies and hidden heartbeats, where every note is a step closer to uncovering the silent symphony of a heart in love.

Characters from Fictions